Your Bitcoin Cashback is shown in “sats”  which are small fractions of a Bitcoin. We calculate your Bitcoin cashback by taking the total cost of your purchase, multiplying it by the cashback rate for that merchant and then converting the value into Bitcoin. The conversion rate is applied when crediting your sats rewards.    

 Bitcoin can be volatile, so keep an eye on how the price of your Bitcoin moves starting from your very first Bitcoin Cashback.

Using a voucher or offer codes in your first Mode transaction could result in you not collecting Bitcoin Cashback or collecting less Bitcoin Cashback than the advertised rate. This applies to staff discounts, student discounts and vouchers which automatically populate in your basket at checkout.


Bitcoin Cashback isn’t paid out for P&P, handling, delivery charges or additional fee add-ons. 

Purchases of gift vouchers or purchases made using gift vouchers are not eligible for Bitcoin Cashback either.  We know you probably expected that, but we like to be clear up front.