There are a few possible reasons:

  • Your referred friend might have used a different referral link.
  • You or your referred friend are not based in the UK.
  • Your referred friend has not met the conditions within 30 days of your referred friend creating the Mode Account.
  • Your referred friend needs to verify his or her Mode Account and initiate a purchase of £100 or more of BTC. The purchase has to have been completed, meaning that the BTC has reached your referred friend’s Bitcoin Account on the Mode app. Orders to purchase BTC can take several hours to settle. The amount can be a cumulative £100 (it can happen over multiple purchases).
  • If your referred friend fails to complete the requirements to obtain a reward within 30 days of creating his or her Mode Account, neither party will receive a referral reward.
  • We check for duplicate or fake Mode Accounts. We will not pay out referral rewards on these Mode Accounts and reserve the right to suspend such Mode Accounts. We also reserve the right to suspend or cancel transactions suspected of being fraudulent and such customers may have their details passed to the relevant authorities for further investigation.

If you believe you are still eligible for a referral reward but have not received one, we will investigate your claim as soon as possible. Please email us at [email protected] or write to us via the live chat.

You can see our full terms on our website: