If you have this message in the app it means that as a part of our security and due diligence checks we've reached out to you for some more information to help us understand how you use your account a little better.

It's possible that our email may have been caught by your spam filters though, so please make sure to check your spam/junk thoroughly for any emails from [email protected]!

If you've had a look and there is nothing there you may need to add us to your approved list, you can find instructions on how to do this for all major email providers below:


  1. Sign in to your account. Go to inbox
  2. Click 'Options' located at the upper-right side of the page
  3. Select 'More Options'
  4. Under 'Preventing junk email', click 'Safe and blocked senders'
  5. Click 'Safe Senders'
  6. In the text box, type in the email address or domain you’d like to always receive email from, and then click 'Add to list'


  1. Open the Gmail website from your computer
  2. Select the Down arrow in the search box at the top
  3. Enter the sender email address in the 'From' field
  4. Click 'Create filter' at the bottom of the search window
  5. Select 'Never send it to Spam'
  6. Click 'Create filter'


  1. Navigate to "Settings" icon
  2. Click "More Settings" from the Yahoo Mail menu
  3. Select "Filters"
  4. Hit "Add" to enter information about the domain name or sender
  5. From here, you can enter any domain name or email address you want to approve for future emails


  1. Navigate to Mail on iCloud.com
  2. Click the 'Show Actions' Menu button in the sidebar
  3. Choose Rules
  4. Click Add a Rule
  5. In the “Name or email address” field, enter @modeapp.com
  6. Use the 'Then' pop-up menus to set up the behaviour of the rule
  7. Click Done

Important: If you apply rules to a folder and then delete the folder or change its name, make sure to update the rules for those folders accordingly. For example, you cannot forward messages to a deleted folder.

If you still can't find the email from us, once you've added us to your approved list just send a message to [email protected]. We'll pick it up and re-send the information request to you.