The assets page is where you can see the value and performance of your whole Mode Bitcoin portfolio in one place.

Once you have purchased your first bitcoin, you can toggle between "Your Bitcoin" and "Bitcoin Price". 

On both of these sections you can see historical performance on a handy graph, either at 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year time intervals. You can also see an overview of key statistics and a summary of your active accounts.

How do you calculate the values on the assets page?

The "Bitcoin Price" section shows the current value of 1 BTC.

The "Your Bitcoin" section shows the current value of your Bitcoin Account. You can also find more detailed information on the performance of your portfolio including:

  • Contributions: The total GBP amount of Bitcoin you have purchased.
  • All time return: How much total profit or loss you have made across all active accounts. This can be calculated by substracting "contributions" from "current value"