Opening an account with Mode is completely free. We only charge fair and transparent fees when you buy, sell or withdraw Bitcoin:
  • Depositing (adding) GBP, EUR or BTC: FREE
  • Depositing (adding) BTC to your Jar: FREE
  • Withdrawing from your Bitcoin Jar into your Mode wallet: FREE
  • Withdrawing GBP and EUR: FREE
  • Withdrawing (sending) BTC: Blockchain Fee*
  • Buying BTC using your GBP or EUR balance: 0.99% fee
  • Buying BTC using your debit/credit card: 5% fee (or 10 USD, whichever is higher)
  • Selling BTC: 0.99% fee

*Blockchain Fee can change from time to time based on Bitcoin's network conditions. We charge this in order to complete your Bitcoin transaction as swiftly as possible.