The Mode app allows you to buy Bitcoin instantly by depositing Sterling or Euro via bank transfer.

How to buy with bank transfer?
  1. Firstly, you need to add money to your Mode Sterling/Euro account. You can find a step-by-step guide here
  2. After you've topped up funds, navigate to your "Bitcoin Account" and press "Buy" on the card menu
  3. Choose Sterling or Euro account as a payment method
  4. Enter the amount of Sterling/Euro you want to exchange for Bitcoin and click "Next"
  5. Review your order and press "Confirm & Buy"
How to buy using debit/credit card?
  1. Press "Buy" from the menu
  2. Enter the amount of Sterling you want to exchange for Bitcoin
  3. Choose card as a payment method and click "Next"
  4. Review your order and press "Confirm & Pay"
  5. You will then be redirected to our partner Simplex, where you will need to fill in your card details and verify your identity

That's it! You just bought some Bitcoin.